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Veteran Level

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Round 1  

1. Who is the Bills all-time leader with 36 career 100-yard games?
    A. James Lofton   B. Pete Metzelaars   C. Andre Reed   D.
Thurman Thomas 

2. Tony Romo is the only Cowboy QB to pass for 4 touchdowns in a game 4 times in a single season.
    Who is the only other Dallas Quarterback to do it 3 times in a season?

    A. Don Meredith   B. Roger Staubach   C. Danny White   D. Troy Aikman

3. What team did the Chiefs beat in 1970 in the final AFL game ever played?

    A. Bengals    B. Raiders   C. Dolphins    D. Chargers

4. Out of which school did the Bills select Andre Reed in 1985?

    A. Michigan State  B. Ohio State   C. Kutztown D. Purdue

5. Who was the first Packers player to amass more that 1,000 receiving yards 3 years in a row?

    A. Sterling Sharpe   B. Don Hutson   C. James Lofton   D.
Boyd Dowler

6. What 49'ers QB passed for 417 yards in an overtime win against the Cardinals in '04?

    A. Jim Druckenmiller    B. Tim Rattay   C. Jeff Garcia   D.
Alex Smith

7. What player scored more that a 1,000 points in a Bears uniform?

    A. Kevin Butler   B. George Blanda   C. Mac Percival   D.
Walter Payton

8. What former two-time 1,000 yard rusher for the Buccaneers was traded to the Ravens?

    A. Mike Alstott   B. Eric Rhett   C. Warrick Dunn   D.
Priest Holmes

9. What player scored more points than any non-kicker in Steelers history?

    A. Jerome Bettis   B. Hines Ward   C. Lynn Swann   D.
Franco Harris

10. Who was the first quarterback in 49ers history to win an NFL passing title?

    A. Joe Montana   B. Steve Young   C. Frankie Albert   D. John Brodie


Round 2  

1.  What Trademark did Joe Namath bring to the AFL?
   A. Long Hair  B. The Fu Manchu  C. White Shoes  D. The Bomb

2.  Who is the only player to average 50 yards per punt for a season?
   A. Ray Guy  B. Sammy Baugh  C. Bob Waterfield  D. Jerrel Wilson

3.  The Dallas Cowboys set a record going to the playoffs how many straight years?
   A. 7    B. 8    C. 9    D. 10

4.  Who is the only player to rush for 99 yards on one play?
   A. Bo Jackson  B. Barry Sanders  C. Tony Dorsett  D. Hershel Walker

5.  To reduce the number of tie games in the regular season, Sudden Death Overtime was introduced in what year?
   A. 1958     B. 1963    C. 1970     D. 1974

6.  In 1994 Cris Carter led the NFC in receptions while playing for which team?
   A. Minnesota Vikings  B. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  C. Philadelphia Eagles  D. Atlanta Falcons

7.  What school did Bruce Smith attend before being the Number 1 pick in the NFL Draft?
   A. Virginia  B. Maryland  C. Virginia Tech  D. Georgia

8.  Hall of Fame Quarterback Terry Bradshaw was born in what state?
   A. Louisiana  B. Texas  C. Mississippi  D. Arkansas

9.  What number was work by Rams star running back Eric Dickerson?
   A. 21    B. 28   C. 22   D. 29

10.  What school did Irving Fryar attend before being selected as the number one pick in the 1984 draft?
   A. Miami   B. Nebraska  C. Tennessee  D. Notre Dame

Round 3  

1.   Which of the following Super Bowl winning Qb's also won the Heisman?
     A. Tom Brady  B. Brett Favre  C. Jim Plunkett  D. John Elway

2.   Who is the only Head Coach to win the Super Bowl and the Rose Bowl?
     A. Jon Gruden  B. Mike Shanahan  C. Dick Vermeil  D. Mike Holmgren

3.   What former Packer RB holds the NFL record for most points scored in a season?
     A. William Henderson  B. Paul Hornung  C. Dorsey Levens  D. Jim Taylor

4. Record setting Defensive Back Dick Lane was known by what nickname?
    A. Hammer  B. Thunder  C. No-Gain  D. Night Train

5.  Offensive lineman Jackie Slater player his entire 20 year career with which team?
    A. Colts  B. Steelers  C. Rams  D. Redskins

6.  What number did Hall of Famer Back Jim Brown wear with the Cleveland Browns?
    A. 32    B. 44    C. 34    D. 45

7.  Besides the Dolphins, what other team did Don Shula Coach  in a Super Bowl?
    A. Rams  B. Chiefs  C. Raiders  D. Colts

8.  What team drafted John Elway in 1983 before he refused to play for them and was traded to Denver?
    A. Saints  B. Falcons  C. Colts  D. Buccaneers

9.  Who was the Seattle Seahawks first Head Coach?

    A. Jack Patera  B. John Ralston  C. Chuck Knox  D. John Robinson 

10.  The Detroit Lions won 3 NFL Titles in which decade?
    A. 30's    B. 40's    C. 50's    D. 60's 

Round 4 

1.  What Baltimore player was named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2003?   
     A. Ed Reed  B. Ray Lewis  C. Tony Siragusa  D. Terry Porter

.  What Dallas Star was named NFL Rookie of the year in 1969?
    A. Duane Thomas  B. Walt Garrison  C. Dan Reeves  D. Calvin Hill

3.  What Cardinals rookie of 2003 caught a pass in his first 32 games?
    A. Larry Fitzgerald  B. Bryant Johnson  C. Freddie Jones  D. Anquan Boldin

4.  What Defensive Back played for a record 20 seasons for the Redskins?
     A. Champ Bailey  B. Brig Owens  C. Darrell Green  D. Pat Fischer

5.  In 1984 who became the first Quarterback in NFL history to pass for more than 5,000 yards in a single season?
     A. Joe Montana  B. Dan Fouts  C. Dan Marino  D. Phil Simms

6.  In what year did the American Football League begin play?
     A. 1950    B. 1955    C. 1960    D. 1965

7.  NFL Legend Reggie White began his Pro career with which USFL team?
     A. Memphis Showboats  B. Oakland Invaders  C. New Jersey Generals  D. Denver Gold

8.  Which one of these NFL Running Backs who have rushed for over 2000 yards did it in only 14 games?
     A. Terrell Davis  B. O.J. Simpson  C. Jamal Lewis  D. Barry Sanders

9.  In 1992 the Packers dealt a First Round pick to acquire Brett Favre from what team?
     A. Falcons  B. Saints  C. Seahawks  D. Rams

10.  Whose seven sacks vs. the Seahawks in 1990 is the NFL's single game record?
     A. Kevin Greene  B. Derrick Thomas  C. Bruce Smith  D. Lawrence Taylor

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