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Super Bowl Trivia

These Super Bowl Trivia Questions cover the first 10 Super Bowls. I will continue to add 10 at a time until current.
These questions will cover MVP's, Record Holders, Starters and interesting facts.

1. Who was the surprise star of Super Bowl I ?
    a. Len Dawson  b. Bart Starr  c. Fred Williamson  d. Max McGhee

2. Who Coached the Raiders in Super Bowl II ?
    a.  John Madden  b. John Rauch  c. Al Davis  d. Red Conkright

3.  Who was the starting Quarterback for the Colts in Super Bowl III ?
    a.  Johnny Unitas  b. Marty Domres  c. Earl Morrall  d. Babe Parilli

4.  Who was the starting Quarterback for the Vikings in Super Bowl IV ?
    a. Fran Tarkenton  b. Joe Kapp  c. Gary Cuozzo  d. Bob Lee

5.  Who was named MVP of Super Bowl V despite playing for the losing team ?
   a. Bob Lilly  b.  Bob Hayes  c. Calvin Hill  d. Chuck Howley

6.  In Super Bowl VI Bob Griese was sacked for how many yards on one play ?
   a. 18    b. 29    c. 22    d. 24

7.  What Redskin recovered Garo Yepremians botched field goal attempt for a touchdown in Super Bowl VII ?
   a. Mike Bass  b. Brig Owens  c. Chris Hanburger  d. Pat Fischer

8.  What Dolphin ran for 145 yards in their victory over the Vikings in Super Bowl VIII ?
   a. Mercury Morris  b. Jim Kiick  c. Don Nottingham  d. Larry Czonka

9.  How were the first points scored in Super Bowl IX ?
   a. Rushing Touchdown  b. Field Goal  c. Safety  d. Interception Return

10.  How many Rookies did the Cowboys have on their Roster for Super Bowl X ?
   a. 9     b. 10     c. 11    d. 12

This is the First Round. More to follow soon! 

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