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Rookie Level

Round 1   Round 2   Round 3  Round 4

Round 1

1. What team selected Cedric Benson with the 4th pick of the '05 Draft?  
A. Texans   B. Bengals   C. Bears   D. Dolphins

2. What Vikings player tied an NFL record with 2 Safeties in 2008?
   A. Kevin Williams    B. Jared Allen    C. Chad Greenway   D. Darren Sharper

3.  Out of what school did the Cowboys select Julius Jones in the 2nd round of the '04 Draft?
    A. Notre Dame   B. West Virginia   C. Michigan   D. Purdue

4.  In 1998, who tied a decades old NFL record by kicking a 63 yard field goal?
    A. David Akers   B. Ryan Longwell   C. Jason Hansen   D. Jason Elam

5.  In 2006, what team gave Texans coach Gary Kubiak his first win?

    A. Dolphins   B. Bills   C. Cowboys   D. Chiefs

6.  Before coming to the Cowboys in 2007, Tank Johnson played in a Super Bowl what team?
    A. Patriots   B. Bears   C. Packers   D. Steelers

7.  At what SEC school did running back Darren McFadden play for?
    A. Arkansas   B. Alabama   C. Auburn   D. Georgia

8.  At what school did Tim Brown win the Heisman Trophy in 1987?
    A. Michigan   B. USC   C. Notre Dame   D. Tennessee

9.  At what BIG 12 school did Cowboy's receiver Dez Bryant play for?
    A. Texas    B. Kansas State   C. Texas Tech   D. Oklahoma State

 10.  What jersey number does Steelers receiver Mike Wallace wear?

    A. 81    B. 17    C. 11    D. 88

Round 2 

1. What College did Joe Montana play for?
   A. Stanford  B. Michigan  C. Notre Dame  D. Pittsburgh

2. Who is the first player to rush for over 2,000 yards in one season?
   A. O.J. Simpson  B. Walter Payton  C. Eric Dickerson  D. Jim Brown

3. What NFL/AFL team played in Houston before the Texans?
   A. Gamblers  B. Oilers  C. Bandits  D. Hawks

4. What Quarterback guaranteed a victory in Super Bowl III?
   A. Bart Starr   B. Johnny Unitas   C. Len Dawson  D. Joe Namath

5. Which of the following is the only team to have a "Perfect" Season?
   A. Dolphins   B. Bears   C. Patriots   D. Cowboys

6. What Jersey number did Dan Marino wear?
    A. 11      B. 12      C. 13     D. 14

7. What College did Redskin Quarterback RGIII play for?
   A. Rice  B. Baylor  C. Texas  D. Texas A&M

8. From 1982-1994 the Raiders called what city home?
   A. Oakland  B. Anaheim  C. Los Angeles  D. Sacramento

9. What teams mascot is a horse named Thunder?
   A. Broncos  B. Cowboys   C. Chiefs  D. Colts

10. What was Bears running back Walter Payton's nickname?

  A. Flash   B. Paydirt  C. Breeze D. Sweetness

Round 3 

1.  Which is the only team to lose 4 consecutive Superbowls?
    A. Denver Broncos  B. Minnesota Vikings  C. L.A. Rams  D. Buffalo Bills

2.  Which of these teams has never played in a Superbowl?
    A. Cincinnati Bengals  B. Detroit Lions  C. Arizona Cardinals  D. Kansas City Chiefs

3.  In what city do the Dallas Cowboys play their Home Games?
    A. Irving, Tx.    B. Dallas, Tx.  C. Arlington, Tx.  D. Valley Ranch, Tx.

4.  What Jersey number did Jets legend Joe Namath wear?
    A. 13  B. 10  C. 11  D. 12

5.  What Jersey number did Vikings legend Fran Tarkenton wear?
    A. 10  B. 16  C. 13  D. 14

6.  Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young lead what College team to a national Championship?
    A. Oklahoma  B. Oklahoma State  C. Florida  D. Texas

7.  Who is the Founder of NFL Films?
    A. Ed Sabol  B. Danny Thomas  C. Pete Rozelle  D. Tex Schramm

8.  What team is the only one to go undefeated and win the Superbowl?
    A. Patriots  B. Cowboys  C. Steelers  D. Dolphins

9.  Who is the All-Time leading receiver in the NFL?
    A. Steve Largent  B. Jerry Rice  C. Marvin Harrison  D. Terrell Owens

10.  Where is the Pro Football Hall of Fame located?
    A. Rochester, New York  B. Decatur, Illinois  C. Green Bay, Wisconsin  D. Canton, Ohio

Round 4 

1. What Pittsburgh Steeler Quarterback has won 4 Superbowls?
     A. Ben Roethlisberger   B. Bobby Layne  C. Terry Bradshaw  D. Terry Hanratty

2.  What was Hall of Fame Running Back O.J. Simpson's nickname?
    A. The Flash  B. Glide  C. Sunshine  D. The Juice

3.  What Saints Quarterback led his team to a Superbowl victory?
    A. Drew Bledsoe  B. Drew Brees  C. Eli Manning  D. Brett Favre

4.  Who is the Cincinnati Bengals starting Quarterback ?
    A. Jesse Palmer  B. Carson Palmer  C. Andy Dalton  D. Kyle Orton

5.   What yard line do NFL teams kickoff from?
    A. The 30  B. The 35  C. The 40  D. The 45

6.  Which team did Brett Favre lead to the NFC Championship game in 2009?
    A. The Packers  B. The Jets  C. The Falcons  D. The Vikings

7.  Which team defeated the Steelers in Superbowl  XLV?
    A. The Patriots  B. The Saints   C. The Packers  D. The Giants

8.  When the original Cleveland Browns left Ohio, what team did they become?
    A. Jacksonville Jaguars  B. Baltimore Ravens  C. Carolina Panthers  D. Houston Texans

9.  Who is the current leading rusher in NFL history?
     A. Emmitt Smith  B. Walter Payton  C. Jim Brown  D. Barry Sanders

10.  Who did the Rams pick #1 overall in the 2010 Draft?
    A. Sam Bradford  B. Sam Baugh  C. Brad Samford  D. None of these


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