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New Questions

1. Who holds the Redskins' single-game rushing record of 221 yards?

    A. Stephen Davis    B. Gerald Riggs    C. John Riggins     D. Clinton Portis


2. For what team was Joe Gibbs serving as offensive coordinator when the Redskins hired him to be their head coach in 1981?

    A. SF 49ers    B. San Diego Chargers   C. St. Louis Cardinals   D. Washington Redskins


3. The Cardinals originally began play as the Morgan Athletic Club. In what city was the MAC located?

    A. Chicago   B. St.Louis     C. Racine     D. Phoenix


4. What player holds the Cardinals' single-game record of 214 rushing yards?

    A. John David Crow   B. Stump Mitchell   C. Adrian Murrell    D. LeShon Johnson


5. What Cardinals quarterback once passed for more than 500 yards (522) in a game?

    A. Jake Plummer    B. Neil Lomax    C. Boomer Esiason     D. Charley Johnson


6. What Cardinals player once caught five touchdown passes in a game?

    A. Bob Shaw    B. Pat Tilley    C. Roy Green    D. Billy Joe Conrad


7. What Falcons running back once reached 1,000 yards rushing for a season, only to lose yardage on his final carry and finish at 995?

    A. William Andrews  B. Dave Hampton   C. Warrick Dunn   D. Gerald Riggs

 8. What player led the expansion Falcons with 722 rushing yards in 1966?

    A. Ernie Wheelwright   B."Cannonball" Butler    C. Junior Coffey   D. Ron Rector


 9. In what year did the World Football League debut?

     A. 1972     B. 1973     C. 1974    D. 1976


10. Which team was not an original Arena Football League when it debuted in 1987?

     A. Chicago Bruisers  B. Washington Commandos  C. Portland Pipers  D. Denver Dynamite


11. What color were penalty flags in the NFL prior to 1965?

     A. Red       B. White    C. Yellow   D. Black


12. When did the American Professional Football Association become the National Football League?

     A. 1922      B. 1919      C. 1920      D. 1921


13. What NFL team was the first to have an emblem painted on their helmets in 1948?

     A. Detroit Lions  B. Chicago Bears  C. Los Angeles Rams  D. Pittsburgh Steelers


14. In what year did the NFL and the AFL announce their merger?

     A. 1966        B. 1967       C. 1968        D. 1969


15. Who played in the first ever Monday Night Football game in 1970?

     A. Colts, Chiefs  B. Packers, Bears  C. Browns, Jets   D. Rams, Chiefs


16. Who came up with the name Super Bowl?

     A. Lamar Hunt   B. Tex Schramm   C. Pete Rozelle   D. George Halas


17. Which NFL team was the first to play its home games in a domed stadium?

     A. Saints    B. Lions    C. Vikings   D. Oilers


18. In what year did the NFL season go from 14 regular season games to 16?

     A. 1977      B. 1978     C. 1979       D. 1976


19. Who was the first black quarterback to play in the NFL?

     A. Willie Thrower  B. Marlin Briscoe  C. Vince Evans  D. Parnell Dickinson


20. What American Football League team was the first to ever beat an NFL team?

     A. Houston Oilers   B. San Diego Chargers   C. Boston Patriots   D. Denver Broncos


21. Who was the first NFL team to lose to an AFL team?

     A. Baltimore Colts  B. Detroit Lions  C. Cleveland Browns  D. Green Bay Packers


22. Can you name the only U.S. city to have pro football teams in the WFL, USFL, WLAF, CFL  and the XFL, but has never had a team in the NFL?

     A.  Las Vegas        B. Birmingham    C. Memphis        D. Portland


23. Who was the first African-American to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton?

     A.  Emlen Tunnell    B. Jim Brown   C.  Buddy Young   D.  Dick “Night Train” Lane


24. In what year did the NFL add a 15-yard penalty for roughing the passer to the rule book?

     A.  1953    B. 1982    C. 1938    D. 1970


25. In what year was the NFL Draft reduced from 12 rounds to the current 7 rounds?

     A. 1988     B. 1991    C. 1993    D. 1994


26. When the NFL and the AFL merged in 1970, what NFL team did not join the AFC? 

     A. Baltimore Colts   B. St. Louis Cardinals   C. Cleveland Browns   D. Pittsburgh Steelers


27. In what year did the Pro Bowl move from the mainland to Hawaii?

     A. 1980     B. 1981     C. 1982      D. 1983


28. In what year did the NFL require headgear to be worn?

     A. 1943     B. 1945     C. 1953     D. 1955


29. In what year did the NFL and AFL hold their first combined college draft? 

     A. 1966     B. 1967     C. 1968      D. 1969


30. How many rounds were there in the first American Football League draft on November 22, 1959?

     A. 20       B. 22         C.30          D. 33



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