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Hall of Famer Level

Round 1  Round 2   Round 3  Round 4

Round 1 

1. What Bears two-way star earned all-league honors at 3 different positions
(tackle, defensive tackle and linebacker) from 1948 to 1955?

A. Ken Kavanaugh    B. George Conner    C. Ed Sprinkle    D.
Dick Barwegan

2. In 1939 the Redskins played the only scoreless tie in franchise history against which team?

   A. Brooklyn Dodgers    B. Pittsburgh Pirates    C. NY Giants    D. Philadelphia Eagles

3. John David Crow holds the Cardinals record for touchdowns in a season with how many?

   A. 11     B. 15     C. 17     D.

4. In 1979, what player did the 49ers pick before they tool Joe Montana in the 3rd round?

    A. James Owens     B. Freddie Solomon      C. Randy Cross     D. Dwight Clark

5. Who was the Rams first draft choice in franchise history?

   A. Bob Waterfield     B. Parker Hall     C. Tom Fears     D. Johnny Drake

 6. Who did the Oilers defeat to win the first AFL Championship?

   A. Los Angeles Chargers     B. Dallas Texans     C. Buffalo Bills     D. Boston Patriots

7. What team did the Giants shut out to reach the 1958 NFL Championship game?

   A. Eagles     B. Lions     C. Redskins     D. Browns

8. What future Hall of Fame QB did the Eagles acquire in a trade with the Rams in '58?

   A. Bob Waterfield     B. Bill Wade     C. Norm Van Brocklin     D. Sonny Jurgensen

 9. What Vikings player once led the NFL in scoring in back to back seasons?

   A. Adrian Petersen     B. Fred Cox     C. Gary Anderson     D. Fuad Reveiz

10. Who was the Denver Broncos first Head Coach?

   A. Buster Ramsey     B. Sid Gillman     C. Sammy Baugh     D. Frankie Filchock

Round 2 

1.   In 1928 Hall of Fame player/coach Jimmy Conzelman led what team to an NFL Championship?
    A. Portsmouth Spartans  B. Pottsville Maroons  C. Providence Steam Roller  D. Duluth Eskimo's

2.  What Hall of Fame running back only played junior college football?
    A. Rick Casares  B. Hugh McIlhenny  C. Buddy Young  D. Joe Perry

3.  What was the last team to abandon the "Single Wing" formation?
    A. Lions  B. Steelers  C. Redskins  D. Eagles

4.  Which team was NOT merged into the NFL from the AAFC in 1950?
   A. Bills  B. Forty Niners  C. Colts  D. Browns

5.   What college coach briefly coached the Jets in 1976?
   A. Bud Wilkinson  B. Lou Holtz  C. Dan Devine  D. Bill Yeomans

6.   Who was the first NFL player to gain more than 1,000 yards in one season?
   A. Don Hutson  B. Tony Canadeo  C. Pete Pihos  D. Elroy Hirsch

7.   Who was the first coach of the NY Titans, later known as the Jets?
   A. Norm Van Brocklin  B. Bulldog Turner  C. Sammy Baugh  D. Harry Gilmer

8.  In 1950 who became the first rookie to lead the NFL in scoring?

   A. Doak Walker  B. Frank Gifford  C. Lou Groza  D. Pat Summerall

9.  Who is the leading rusher in AFL history?
   A. Abner Haynes  B. Charley Tolar  C. Mike Garrett  D. Clem Daniels

10.  What former Bears QB once rushed for 968 yards in one season?
   A. Sid Luckman  B. Bobby Douglass  C. Vince Evans  D. Johnny Lujack

Round 3 

1.  In 1943, what Hall of Fame QB became the first to pass for over 400 yards in one game?

   A. Sid Luckman  B. Sammy Baugh   C. Cecil Isbell    D. Ace Parker

2.  In 1961, what Hall of Fame receiver caught 75 passes but no Touchdowns?

   A. Gary Collins   B. Raymond Berry   C. John Mackey   D. Tom Fears

3.  Who was the last NFL player to play without a helmet?

   A. Bronko Nagurski    B. Bill Hewitt   C. Tuffy Leemans   D. Buff Donelli

4. The first night game in NFL history was played in what year?

   A. 1950     B. 1934     C. 1942     D. 1929

5. How old was George Blanda when he retired in 1975?

   A. 46     B. 47     C. 48     D. 49

6. What QB led the NFL in passing efficiency in 1960 while playing for the Browns?

   A. Bill Nelson   B. Otto Graham   C. Milt Plum   D. Frank Ryan

7. What QB had the highest passer rating in the AFL in 1963?

   A. Len Dawson   B. Babe Parilli    C. Jack Kemp    D. Tobin Rote

8. In 1968, Clifton McNeil led the NFL in receptions while playing for which team?

   A. Washington Redskins   B. Cleveland Browns   C. SF 49ers    D. NY Giants

9. What Green Bay Packers back led the NFC in rushing during the 1973 season?

   A. MacArthur Lane   B. Donny Anderson   C. Jim Grabowski    D. John Brockington

10. What San Francisco 49er was named the NFC Rookie of the year in 1974?

   A. Wilbur Jackson    B. Bruce Taylor   C. Gene Washington   D. Cedrick Hardman

Round 4 

1.  Who was the first person in the NFL to rush for over 1,000 yards?
    A. Bronko Nagurski  B. Steve Van Buren  C. Beattie Feathers  D. Red Grange

2.  What season did the NFL first make wearing a helmet mandatory?
    A. 1940    B. 1943    C. 1948    D. 1952 

3.   What bowling ball-like running back was the Oilers first 1,000 yard rusher?
    A. Don Nottingham  B. Norm Bulaich  C. Fred Willis  D. Charley Tolar

4.   Who is the only man to be a member of both the Pro Football and Major League Baseball Hall of Fame?
    A. Ernie Nevers  B. Cal Hubbard  C. Jim Thorpe  D. Hugo Bezdek

5.   Which NFL team was the first to win 3 consecutive championships?
    A. Chicago Bears  B. New York Giants  C. Green Bay Packers  D. Cleveland Browns

6.   What was the nickname of Miami's first major league pro football team?
    A. Hurricanes  B. Tropicals  C. Seahawks  D. Maulers

7.   How many players did the Rams trade to the Chicago Cardinals for Ollie Matson?
    A. 6       B. 7       C. 8       D. 9

8.   Who was the Redskins running back that led the team in rushing from 1969-1974?
    A. Charlie Harraway  B. John Riggins  C. Bobby Mitchell  D. Larry Brown

9.   Who kicked the winning field goal in the "6th Quarter" of the 1962 AFL Championship game?
    A. George Blanda 
B. Tommy Brooker  C. Jan Stenerud  D. Pete Gogolak

10.  Who was the Minnesota Vikings first ever draft choice in 1961?
    A. Tommy Mason  B. Fran Tarkenton  C. Jim Marshall  D. Lance Rentzel

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