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Football Fun Facts

Hall of Fame QB Otto Graham and TV's The Rifleman, Chuck Connors both played for the 1945 Rochester Royals of the National Basketball League and they won the League Championship

The Vikings Defensive Lineman Jim Marshall once picked up a fumble and ran it all the way back the wrong way to score a Safety for the 49'ers.

Bears Owner George Halas played Baseball for the NY Yankees was replaced in Right Field by none other than Babe Ruth!

The Cowboys drafted Olympic track star Carl Lewis although he never signed with the club.

When Vikings QB Joe Kapp threw 7 TD's in one game he tied the NFL record shared by only 4 previous Quarterbacks including Adrian Burk years earlier. Coincidentally, Burk was the Head Referee for Kapp's great  game.

When Colts Rookie Bert Rechichar  lined up for his first NFL Field Goal attempt
in 1953 he broke the current record by kicking a 56 yarder.

The Saints and Dolphins, expansion teams of the late 60's both started their Franchises off with Opening Kickoff returns of over 90 yards. John Gilliam for the Saints and Joe Auer for the Dolphins. What are the odds?

The Great Turnaround: On Sept. 24th 1950 Jim Hardy of the Chicago Cardinals set an NFL record by throwing 8 Interceptions in a game. The very next week Hardy threw for 6 Touchdowns just 1 shy of tying the NFL record.

When Clint Murchison Jr. was trying to get League approval for a Team in Dallas, his main detractor was Redskins Owner George Preston Marshall.  To try and gain leverage Murchison bought the rights for the team song "Hail to the Redskins".
Marshall could give in or pay Clint a royalty fee every time he played his own teams battle cry!

The Minnesota Vikings were signed on to be an inaugural AFL team in 1960. The NFL talked them in to forfeiting the franchise and waiting one year to be an NFL team. The AFL franchise was hurriedly awarded to Oakland. Minnesota had already drafted their players so that's who the Raiders had to start out with.

The original name of the Oakland Raiders was to be the
s. 9 days later they changed it.

The Cowboys were originally to be named The Steers and then The Rangers which is what they were called at the official induction to the League. Tex Schramm didn't like that a local fledgling minor league Baseball team were named the Rangers
so they changed at the last minute to The Cowboys.

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