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Detroit Lions

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The History of the Detroit Lions

 1934: Dick Richards leads a group that purchases the Portsmouth Spartans for the staggering price of $7,952.08, moving them to Detroit, where in keeping with the jungle tradition with other Detroit nicknames the team utilizes the name Lions. The Lions play their first game ever on September 23rd at the old University of Detroit Stadium, and beat the New York Giants by a score of 9-0 in front of 12,000 fans. The Lions would go on to win their first 10 games that included 7 straight shutouts. Four days after their first loss the Lions host the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving establishing a new tradition. The Lions would lose the key game 16-13, and would go on to finish their inaugural campaign with a 10-3 record.

: The Lions are among four teams in the NFL's competitive Western Division that finishes with a winning record. The Lions would finish the season with a 7-3-2 record, finishing percentage points ahead of the Green Bay Packers for the Division Championship earning them a birth in their first ever Championship Game. On December 9th in front of a ruckus home crowd the Lions host the New York Giants for the NFL Championship. Led by Quarterback Earl Clark the Lions would roar their way to a deceive 26-7 victory earning their first NFL Championship.

: The Lions follow up their championship season by finishing with a respectable 8-4 record. However, the Lions finish in third behind the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

: The Lions finish in third place for the second straight season with a record of 7-4 despite losing their three of their final five games.

: After four season at the University of Detroit's Stadium, the Lions move into their new den Briggs Stadium, which was already famous for being the home for 26 years to Detroit's famed baseball team the Tigers. In the Lions first game at the corners of Michigan and Trumbull the Lions defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 16-7. The Lions would go on to finish the season with a 7-4 record; one game behind the Green Bay Packers for the Division Title.

: The Lions get off to a strong start but fade down the stretch losing their final four games to finish in third place with a record of 6-5.

: Byron "Whizzer" White, a future justice on the US Supreme Court becomes the first Detroit Lion to win the NFL's rushing title with 514 yards rushing.  However, the Lions would complete the season with a disappointing 5-5-1 record.

: The Lions suffer their first losing season since moving to Detroit posting a disappointing record of 4-6-1 while finishing in third place.

: The Lions roar sounds more like a purr as the team fails to win a single game finishing in last with an embarrassing 0-11 record.

: After going through an entire season without a win the Lions get off to a solid start by winning their first two games. However, the Lions would only win one more game the rest of the season finishing with a 3--6-1 record.

: Running Back Frank Sinkwich leads the Lions to a respectable 6-3-1 record, and earns the League's MVP, becoming the first Detroit Lion to win the award.

: The Lions post their second solid season in a row, finishing in second place with a solid record of 7-3.

: After two consecutive solid seasons the bottom falls out for the Lions who lose their first six games on the way to finishing in last place with a miserable 1-10 record.

: The Lions finish in last place for the second year in a row posting a horrible record of 3-9.

: The Lions continue to roam in the basement of the Western Division posting an awful 2-10 record while allowing an embarrassing 407 points on defense.

: Despite posting a losing record for the fourth year in a row the Lions end the season on a strong note winning their final two games to escape last place with a 4-8 record.

: The Lions show signs of becoming a strong contender by ending a strong of 4 straight losing seasons with a 6-6 record that was good enough for 4th place.

: After a decade in which the Lions were consistently among the worst teams in the NFL the Lions rises back up to the NFL elites with a solid nucleus led by star Quarterback Bobby Layne. In the Lions first competitive season in years the team finishes with a solid 7-4-1 record, finishing just a half a game behind the eventual NFL Champion Los Angeles Rams.

: The Lions continue to improve finishing 9-3 and in a flat-footed tie with Los Angeles Rams for the National Conference Title. The tie set up a tiebreaker for a trip to the NFL Championship game. On December 21st in front of a loud home crowd the Lions beat the over matched Rams by a score of 31-21 to earn a trip to the following week's NFL Championship game in Cleveland against the Browns. The Lions would on to stun the Browns in front of their home fans 17-7 to claim their second NFL Championship.

: The Lions finish 10-2 to earn a return trip to the NFL Championship game where they a matched up in a rematch with the Cleveland Browns. On December 27th in front of a load crowd of 54,577 the Lions win a 17-16 nail bitter to claim their second consecutive NFL Championship.

: The Detroit Lions bid for a third Straight Championship gets off to a fast start as the Lions once again are the class of the Western Conference finishing in first Place with a 9-2-1 record to earn a third straight trip to the NFL Championship game. Once again the Lions are matched up against the Cleveland Browns in the title game. However, this time the Browns extract revenge by ripping the Lions apart by a score of 56-10.

: Coming of their three consecutive trips to the NFL Championship Game the Lions experience a year of injury and frustration and fall into the cellar of the Western Conference with a woeful 3-9 record.

: The Lions recover from their year of frustration nicely and once again become one of the top teams in the NFL. However their 9-3 record is only good enough for second place in the Western Conference as they finish just a half game behind the Chicago Bears.

: Prior to the start of the season Head Coach Raymond Parker who guided the Lions through their best era of success abruptly resigns. Assistant George Wilson would replace him the following day. Rogers helps lead the Lions to an 8-4 season which is good enough to earn a tie for the Western Conference title with San Francisco 49ers. The Lions would fall behind early in the Western Conference Championship at San Francisco's Cesar Stadium. However, the Lions would roar to life in the second half and would claim a 31-27 victory to earn a trip to the NFL Championship game. In the NFL Championship played in front of a 55,263 fans at Briggs Stadium the Lions take apart the Browns 59-14 to claim their fourth NFL Championship, and 3rd of the decade. However, the Lions would not win another Championship in the 20th Century.

: The Lions could not repeat their championship magic of 1957 and struggled all season to a disappointing 4-7-1 season which left them in fifth place in the Western Conference.

: The Lions end their most successful decade, in which they won three NFL Championships on a disappointing note, finishing in fifth place with a terrible record of 3-8-1.

: With LB Joe Schmidt earning the NFL MVP, the Lions once again challenge for the top spot in the Western Conference. However, the Lions 7-5 record is only good for second Place, one game behind the upstart Green Bay Packers.

: William Clay Ford, a member of the prestigious Ford Family is named President of the Detroit Lions. The Lions would go on to complete a solid 8-5-1 season but once again were out done by the Packers for the Conference Title.

: The Lions finish the season with a solid 11-3 record. In most seasons such a record would easily earn a team a birth in the playoffs. However the Packers are now clearly established as the class of the league and finish two games ahead of the Lions for the Western Conference Championship.

: In a scandal that rocks the NFL to its core Lions All-Pro Defensive Tackle Alex Karras is suspended for the entire season along with Packers Running Back Paul Hornung for betting on NFL Games. In Karras' absence the Lions struggle to finish 5-8-1, and in fourth Place. 

: William Clay Ford takes over sole ownership of the Lions, by buying out his partners for $4.5 Million. During the season the Lions would finish with a 7-5-2 record in a competitive Western Conference.

: The Lions continue to play mediocre foot ball finishing sixth place in the Western Conference with a record of 6-7-1.

: The Lions struggles continue as they finished tied with the worst record in the NFL's Western Conference with a record of 4-9-1. The Lions struggles were felt mostly at the Quarterback position where the Lions as a team had just eight Touchdown passes against 28 interceptions.

: Despite a 5-7-2 record, which was only good for third place in the four-team Central Division, a young Lions team shows promise as RB Mel Farr, and CB Lem Barney take home the Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Years.

: The Lions struggles continue as they finish in last place in the Central Division with a terrible record of 4-8-2.

: The Lions enjoy their best season in seven years by finishing in second place with a solid 9-4-1 record led by a stingy defense that only allowed 188 total points on the season.

: With a record of 10-4 the Lions, finished in second place in the NFC Central, and qualified for the playoffs as the NFC's Wild Card. In their first trip to the postseason since 1957 the Lions are matched up against the Dallas Cowboys. The Lions defense was able to stop and frustrate the Cowboys all game long. However, the Cowboys defense was also able to frustrate the Lions. In the end the Lions would fall 5-0 in the lowest scoring game in NFL Playoff history.

: On October 24th the Lions season takes a sudden and tragic turn as Wide Receiver Chuck Hughes suffers a heart attack during a game and dies on the field. The Lions would go on to finish the season with a respectable but disjointing 7-6-1 record.

: In a season in which the Lions finish 8-5-1, and miss out on the postseason again Linebacker Wayne Walker establishes a new team record for games played at 200.

: The Lions continue to play mediocre football finishing in second place with a less than stellar record of 6-7-1.

: Prior to the start of training camp tragedy strike the Lions again as Head Coach Don McCafferty suffers a fatal heart attack. He would later be replaced by Rick Forzano, who guides the Lions to a 7-7 record in their final season at Tiger Stadium.

: The Lions begin a new era by playing their home games in the Silverdome in the Detroit suburb of Pontiac, Michigan. The new stadium would offer fans a cozy, but sterile environment to watch football. In the first season indoors the Lions would once again finish with a 7-7 record.

: The Lions continue to thread around .500, finishing in third place with a mediocre record of 6-8, despite a steady season from Quarterback Greg Landry.

: The Lions struggle offensively scoring a paltry 183 points while finishing in third place with a 6-8 record for the second straight season.

: The Lions continue to struggle with mediocrity finishing in third place again with a less than stellar record of 7-9.

: The Lions go from bad to worse as they win just two games while finishing dead last in the NFL with a horrendous record of 2-14.

: After their miserable season, the Lions select Heisman Trophy winner Billy Sims with first pick in the NFL draft. In his first season Sims sets the NFL on its ear as rushes his way to the Offensive Rookie of the Year while carrying the Lions back to respectability. The Lions would improve to 9-7, and finish and miss out on a playoff berth and the NFC Central title by a tiebreaker against the Minnesota Vikings.

: Billy Sims continues to play solid football.  1,888 total yards in offense while scoring team high 14 touchdowns. However, the Lions could do no better than finishing in second place with a mediocre 8-8 record.

: In a season tainted by a strike that wipes out seven games, and reduces the NFL season to nine games the Lions are among eight teams that qualify for the playoffs in the NFC despite a 4-5 record. As the eighth seed the Lions are matched against the Washington Redskins in the first round. The game ends up not being much of a contest as the eventual Super Bowl Champions slaughter the Lions 31-7.

: With a 9-7 record the Lions are able to rise to the top of a weak NFC Central, to claim their first division championship since 1957. In the playoffs the Lions lead the San Francisco 49ers late in the 4th Quarter, until Joe Montana drives the 49ers down the field for a 14-yard touchdown pass to Freddie Solomon to give the 49ers a 24-23 lead. The Lions would have a chance to win the game, as Gary Danielson drove them into field goal range, but Kicker Eddie Murray missed a 44-yard field goal with five seconds remaining.

: The Lions suffer through injury and frustration during a woeful 4-11-1 season. However, the most painful news comes when Running Back Billy Sims suffers a career ending knee injury. In just five seasons Sims would set the Lions career rushing mark at 5,106.

: The Lions continue to roam in the desert of mediocrity as they finish in fourth place with a less than stellar record of 7-9.

: The struggles continue for the Lions as they finish in third place with a terrible record of 5-11.

: The miserable play of the Lions continues as they finish in last place with an awful record of 4-11, as Quarterback Chuck Long has an awful season with just 11 Touchdowns compared to 20 interceptions.

: The Lions fail to reach five wins for the second straight season as they finish in third place with a horrendous record of 4-12, with two of their wins coming against the last place Green Bay Packers as the Lions finished in fourth place.

: After three straight seasons in which the Lions failed to win more than five games the Lions try to repeat history by reviving their fortunes by picking another Running Back who won the Heisman in the first round. This time the Running Back was named Barry Sanders, and much like Billy Sims nine years earlier Sanders takes home the Offensive Rookie of the Year, and helps the Lions to a more respectable 7-9 record.

: Despite another stellar season from Barry Sanders who scores 16 touchdowns the Lions take a step backward and finish in third place with a disappointing record of 6-10, as they struggled to find a consistent Quarterback.

: With Barry Sanders clearly establishing himself as the best Rusher in the NFL, the Lions find themselves in the hunt for the postseason. On November 17th the Lions enter a game with Los Angeles Rams with a 6-4 record. The Lions would go on to win the game 21-10, but any joy from the victory was taken away when Guard Mike Utley goes down with a serve neck injury. The Lions, Rams, and fans at the Silverdome were forced to look on helpless, as Utley lay on the field unable to move. After his neck was stabilized Utley, who would wind up paralyzed muster up enough strength to lift his thumb, and tell his teammates everything would be alright. The Lions would take "Thumbs up" as a rallying call, and would win their next six games to claim the Central Division title with a franchise high 12 wins. In the Divisional Playoffs against the Dallas Cowboys the Lions would host their first home playoff game since 1957. Still using Mike Utley as inspiration the Lions turn a close game at halftime in to 38-6 rout as the Lions are able to win in the postseason for the first time since 1957. The win would earn the Lions a birth in the NFC Championship game. For the first time ever the Lions were four quarters away from the Super Bowl. However, the Lions would find them on the road in Washington a city in which they had not won since 1935. In what would be a repeat of the season's first game the Redskins would rout the Lions 41-10 to advance to on the Super Bowl in which they were victorious.  Sadly the Lions are forced to deal with tragedy once again in the offseason, when Guard Eric Andolsek is killed by a drunk driver while mowing his front lawn during the off season.

: Coming of an inspirational 12-4 season that brought them to within one game of the Super Bowl the Lions were expected to once again challenge for the NFC title. However, the Lions would suffer a disappointing 5-11 season. The only bright spot of the season would come when Barry Sanders passed Billy Sims for the franchise record in rushing on November 22nd.

: After a disappointing season, the Lions bounce back nicely, and challenge the Minnesota Vikings, and Green Bay Packers all season for the NFC Central Title. The battle for the Division would go down to the regular season's final game, as the Lions would win their second division title in three years with a 30-20 win over the Packers at the Silverdome. However, just six days later the sixth seeded Packers would return to Pontiac and stun the Lions 28-24 to advance to the second Round of the Playoffs.

: Highlighted by a November 13th game in which he rushed for a franchise record 237 yards, Barry Sanders sets a new single season record in rushing yards with 1,883. The Lions would use this to carry them into the playoffs with a 9-7 record where they found themselves in a Wild Card round rematch with the Packers. In the game played in Green Bay's Lambeau Field Barry Sanders had a tough time getting his footing as the Packers knocked the Lions out for the second year in a row 16-12.

: With Quarterback Scott Mitchell setting a new franchise record in Touchdown passes with 32, and receivers Herman Moore and Brett Perriman setting NFL record for most catches and receiving yards by teammates in a season the Lions show there is more to the team then just Barry Sanders. With a 10-6 record the Lions make the playoffs for a third consecutive season. However, for the third straight year they are knocked out in the Wild Card round this time it's their defense that falters them in a 58-37 loss to the Eagles in Philadelphia.

: Coach Wayne Fontes who always seemed on the verge of getting fired only to rally the Lions into the playoffs is finally let go after a woeful 5-11 last place finish. Despite the struggles Barry Sanders has another impressive season with 1,553 yards rushing.

: The Lions rebound with Barry Sanders once again leading the way, in what would end up being a career year for Sanders who becomes just the third player in NFL history to rush for 2,000 yards in a single season with 2,053. Sanders would later be named Co-MVP, as the Lions finished 9-7 to make the playoffs for the fourth time in five years. However, once again the Lions could not get past the Wild Card, as the Buccaneers beat the Lions 20-10 in Tampa.

: Despite another outstanding season from Barry Sanders the Lions suffer through another poor season as they finish in fourth place with a record of 5-11, as their defense allows a robust 378 points.

: The Lions franchise is dealt another blow when Barry Sanders, fed up with losing every season, suddenly retires at the start of training camp. However thanks to some unexpected help from Quarterback Charlie Batch the Loins would put together a solid 8-8 season, which was good enough to sneak in to the playoffs as the sixth seed in a weak NFC. In the Wild Card round in Washington, the Lions would end up not providing much of a challenge as the Redskins tamed the Lions 28-13.

: The Lions get off to a fast start winning five of their first seven games. However after back to back losses, Head Coach Bobby Ross suddenly resigns, and linebackers coach Gary Moeller takes over. Under Moeller the Lions win their first three games, and look like a lock for the playoffs with n 8-4 record. However, the Lions would lose three of their final four games and would wind up on the outside looking in.  Moeller would himself be let go after the season when new club president Matt Millen takes over and hires Marty Mornhinweg to lead the Lions into the future.

: The final season in the Pontiac Silverdome was one the Lions would rather forget. The Lions went through three Quarterbacks, and became the punch line of countless jokes as they lost their first 11 games. On December 16th rookie Quarterback Mike McMahon finally ended the Lions season long frustrations by leading the way in a win over the Minnesota Vikings. The Lions would go on to finish with a franchise worst 14 losses. However, they were able to end the season on a positive not by winning just their second game of the season on January 5th against the Dallas Cowboy to close out the Silverdome.

: Coming off one of the worst seasons in franchise history the Lions hoped to be able to begin a new era from scratch as they opened a new stadium in downtown Detroit, with a rookie Quarterback Joey Harrington. After losing their first two games on the road Harrington would make his debut as the Lions played the Green Bay Packers in the first game at Ford Field. Harrington would have a solid game as the Lions lost 37-31. Though showing typical rookie inconstancy Harrington would help lead the Lions to three wins their next five games. However, then it would fall apart as fans in Detroit called for the jobs of GM Matt Millen and Coach Marty
Mornhinweg. The criticism of Mornhinweg grew even louder when he chose to kickoff in overtime in a November 24th road game against the Chicago Bears. The Bears would score on their first possession as the Lions and Mornhinweg became the butt of jokes again. The Lions would go on to lose their final eight games and finish in last place with a 3-13 record. Following the season Mornhinweg would be fired as the Lions hired former San Francisco 49ers Coach Steve Mariucci, who has a solid reputation of turning young Quarterbacks into winners.

: The began the Steve Mariucci in style with a solid 42-24 win over the Arizona Cardinals at Ford Field, as Joey Harrington had four Touchdown passes. However the joy would be short lived as the Lions lost their next 6 games, as super rookie Wide Receiver Charlie Rogers is lost for the season to a collarbone injury. The Lions would go on to finish the season in last place again with a 5-11 record. The Lions would play solid football all season at Ford Field but the road would be their undoing as they lost all eight road games for the third season in a row establishing a new NFL record for road futility with 24 straight losses.

: The Lions begin the season by ending three years of frustration ending their record 24-game road losing streak by beating the Chicago Bears 20-16. A week later in their home opener the Lions would improve to 2-0 with a win over the Houston Texans. After a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles the Lions would win another road game stunning the Atlanta Falcons 17-10. However that would be the highest peak the Lions would reach as they struggled the rest of the way winning just three more games as they posted a 6-10 record as fans began to question whether Quarterback Joey Harrington was ever going to live up to the hype he got when the Lions drafted him. While Harrington was booed by fans, two rookies gave Lions fans hope Running Back Kevin Jones who led the team with 1,133 Touchdown, and Wide Receiver Roy Williams ho had a team high eight Touchdowns while collecting 817 yards in receptions.

: The Lions started the season successfully shutting down the Green Bay Packers in a 17-3 win at Ford Field. However, it was a passing moment in another gloomy season, as the Lions were badly beaten 38-6 by the Chicago Bears in Week 2 as the Lions lost three of their first five games, before Quarterback Joey Harrington was benched. The Lions would split their next two games with Jeff Garcia, before an injury allowed Harrington another chance to lead the Lions. However, it was becoming clearer by the minute the Lions had a mega bust on their hands as the one time number two overall pick struggled again, as the Lions saw another season quickly go up in smoke. After three weeks of Joey Harrington struggling, Jeff Garcia returned as the Lions were lifeless in a 27-7 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Thanksgiving. Fans fed up and frustrated began to call for the ouster of General Manager Matt Millen, as Coach Steve Mariucci was discarded like the Turkey carcass, a few days later. With Interim Coach Dick Jauron leading the way the rest of the years and angry fan protest, the Lions would win just one of their final seven games finishing in third place with an awful 5-11 record. Following the season, Lions fans would be furious again as Millen kept his job, while Rod Marinelli was named the new head coach, as Quarterback Joey Harrington was released.

: The Lions started the Rod Marinelli with a moral victory as they gave the defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks all they could handle and more, holding reigning NFL MVP Shaun Alexander to 51 yards rushing as they held the Seahawks out of the end zone. However, in the end the Seahawks would win the battle of field goals 9-6. The next four games would not be as satisfying as the Lions started 0-5. The Lions would finally earn their first against the Buffalo Bills 20-17. After a road loss to the New York Jets, the Lions won their second straight home game against the Atlanta Falcons, as the Lions defense bottled up Michael Vick, as Kevin Jones rushed for 110 yards with two touchdowns. However, that win would be the last for a while as they endured yet another terrible season losing their next seven games before ending the season with a win over the Dallas Cowboys as they finished 3-13 with the worst record in the NFC. Along the way the familiar refrain of "Fire Millen" filled the air, as their Thanksgiving loss to the Miami Dolphins was especially hard to swallow, as Joey Harrington returned with a chorus of boos, and led the Dolphins to a 27-10 win with three touchdown passes.

: General Manager Matt Millen continued to look to the receiving game in the NFL Draft as he selected Calvin Johnson of Georgia Tech with the number two overall pick, a choice that was not heavily criticized because Johnson was considered by many to be the best overall player in the draft. A new confident Lions team started the season as Quarterback Jon Kitna boldly predicted the Lions would win ten games, a prediction that seemed laughable when looking at recent seasons in Detroit. However, with Kitna leading the way the Lions actually got off to a good start winning their first two games including a dramatic 20-17 win over the Minnesota Vikings in the home opener, as Jon Kitna overcame a slight concussion to lead the winning drive that was capped by a 37-yard Field Goal from Jason Hanson. After taking their lumps in a 56-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on the road the Lions scored 34 points in the fourth quarter to stun the Chicago Bears 37-27 at Ford Field. After another ugly road loss the Lions took a step towards reaching Kitna's goal of ten wins, as they completed a stunning sweep of the Bears by winning in Solider Field 16-7. At 6-2 the Lions were sitting in strong position to reach the playoffs, but ahead was the toughest part of the schedule, and despite their solid record they would need to play better in the second half to keep it up. However, beginning with a stunning 31-21 loss to the Arizona Cardinals the Lions quickly came crashing to earth as six in a row while playing the toughest part of the schedule. The Lions would end the losing streak by beating the Kansas City Chiefs 25-20 in Week 16, but the damage had been done as the Lions with one of the league's poorest defenses finished with a losing record again at 7-9. However, while his goal of ten wins did not come true, Jon Kitna did everything he could; passing for over 4,000 yards for the second straight season.

: Rock Bottom, it is defined as the lowest possible level or absolute bottom, in 2008 the Lions set a new standard for bottoming out as the Matt Millen era ended in the ugliest way possible, with an 0-16 season. Unbelievably the Lions actually entered the season feeling good about themselves with a perfect 4-0 pre-season, but true Lions fans knew it was not for real, as mock T-shirts, pre-season champions were printed up with the Lions losing to the Atlanta Falcons led by Rookie Quarterback Matt Ryan 31-24. In their home opener the Lions suffered another ugly defeat, losing to the Green Bay Packers 48-25. Following a 31-13 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, General Manager Matt Millen would be given a $50 million buyout that would be paid out over the final 10 years of the contract. Of course with the Lions holding a 31-84 record during his tenure it almost seemed like insult to injury. New General Manager focusing on the future would deal Wide Receiver Roy Williams, as the Lions continued to struggle losing 34-7 in Week 5, as Quarterback Jon Kitna suffered a season ending injury. Kitna's replacement Dan Orlovsky further embarrassed the Lions by stepping out the back of the end zone for a safety in a 12-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. The losses continued to mount all season long as Coach Rod Marinelli suffered all season long with painful press conferences trying his best to put a happy face on a bad situation. Not even former All-Pro Quarterback Daunte Culpepper could prevent the Lions from total embarrassment, as the Lions went on to become the first team to lose every game in a 16-game season.

: Picking up the pieces from a 0-16 season, the Lions started the process of rebuilding, hiring Jim Schwartz as their new Head Coach, while drafting Quarterback Matthew Stafford of Georgia with the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft. The Lions even tweaked their logo, adding more detail to the lunging lion to make the logo look more ferocious. After dropping their first two games to start the season, the Lions ended their 19 game losing streak, by beating the Washington Redskins 19-14 at Ford Field on September 27th.

George Clark 1934-1936
Earl Clark 1937-1938
Elmer Henderson 1939
George Clark 1940
Bill Edwards 1941-1942
John Karcis 1942
Charles Dorais 1943-1947
Alvin McMillin 1948-1950
Raymond Parker 1951-1956
George Wilson 1957-1964
Harry Gilmer 1965-1966
Joe Schmidt 1967-1972
Don McCafferty 1973
Rick Forzano 1974-1976
Tommy Hudspeth 1976-1977
Monte Clark 1978-1984
Darryl Rogers 1985-1988
Wayne Fontes 1988-1996
Bobby Ross 1997-2000
Gary Moeller 2000
Marty Mornhinweg 2001-2002
Steve Mariucci 2003-2005
Dick Jauron 2005
Rod Marinelli 2006-2008
Jim Schwartz 2009-Present

 Hall of Famers:
Lem Barney CB 1967-1977
Jack Christensen B 1951-1958
Earl Clark QB 1931-32, 34-38
Lou Creekmur T 1950-1959
Bill Dudley RB 1947-1949
Frank Gatski C 1957

John Henry Johnson RB 1957-59
Dick Lane DB 1960-1965
Yale Lary DB 1952-53, 56-64
Bobby Layne QB 1950-1958
Dick LeBeau CB 1959-1972
Olie Matson RB 1963
Hugh McElheny RB 1964

Barry Sanders RB 1989-1998
Charlie Sanders TE 1968-1977
Joe Schmidt LB 1953-1965
Doak Walker HB 1950-1955
Alex Wojciechowicz C 1938-1946

 Retired Numbers:
7 Earl Clark QB 1934-1938
20 Lem Barney CB 1967-1977
20 Billy Sims RB 1980-1984
20 Barry Sanders RB 1989-1998
22 Bobby Layne QB 1950-1958
37 Doak Walker HB 1950-1955
56 Joe Schmidt LB 1953-1965
85 Chuck Hughes WR 1970-1971
88 Charlie Sanders TE 1968-1977

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