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Cleveland Browns


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The History of Cleveland Browns

 1946: A new rival league known as the All-American Football Conference is formed. The league consist of eight teams Buffalo Bisons, Brooklyn Dodgers, Chicago Rockets, Los Angeles Dons, Miami Seahawks, New York Yankees, San Francisco 49ers, and the Cleveland Browns. The Browns were the best of these teams, as they started off with a dominant 44-0 win over the Miami Seahawks. The Browns would continue to dominate the AAFC as they won their first seven games. After back-to-back losses in the middle of the season the Browns closed the season with five straight wins to easily win the Western Division with a 12-2 record. In the first AAFC Championship Game, the Browns would edge the New York Yankees 14-9.

: The Browns would continue to dominate the AAFC, losing just one game while again winning the Western Division with a 12-1-1 record. In the AAFC Championship Game the Browns again faced the New York Yankees this time at Municipal Stadium, where they won 14-3.

: The Browns continued to rule over the AAFC, winning all 14 games in the regular season. In the AAFC Championship Game it was all Browns again as they crushed the Buffalo Bills 49-7. At 14-0 the Browns accomplishment was largely looked down upon by the NFL, as there continued calls for a challenge to the NFL Champions went unanswered.

: With the merger of the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Yankees, the AAFC was reduced from eight teams to seven; as the league changed its playoff format with the top four teams all qualifying. Once again the Browns finished in first place posting a 9-1-2 record. In the playoffs the Browns would beat the Buffalo Bills 31-21. Just days before the AAFC Championship Game, the NFL announced it would merge with the AAFC taking the Browns and two other teams. One of the other teams accepted into the NFL would be the AAFC Championship Game opponent the San Francisco 49ers. In the final AAFC Championship the Browns would make it perfect four-for-four, as they beat the 49ers 21-7.


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1950 : Going into the NFL most experts thought the Browns would be exposed as benefiting from a weaker league, but the Browns proved that they could dominate any league in their inaugural NFL campaign. The Browns make their NFL in grand style by routing the Eagles 35-10 in Philadelphia on September 16th. The Browns would go on to finish the season with a 10-2 record which was good enough to finish in a first Place tie with New York Giants. This would set up the Browns in a Divisional Playoff Game against the Giants who gave the Browns their only two losses. However this time the Browns would get revenge by beating the Giants in an 8-3 defensive struggle to earn a trip to the NFL Championship Game. The 1950 NFL Championship game in Cleveland had a mixture of sub plots and irony. The game matched up the Cleveland Browns who were in their first NFL season and the Los Angeles Rams, who played in Cleveland from 1937-1945. The Browns would pull the game out 30-28 winning their fifth Championship in their fifth year of existence.

: The Browns open their second NFL season with a 24-10 loss to their old AAFC rival 49ers. The Browns would not lose another game in the regular season completing an 11-1 season. Along the way the Browns shut their opponents out three times, and scored more than 30 points five times. The Browns would have no problem earning another trip to the NFL Championship Game. However, the Rams would get revenge from the year before by stunning the Browns 24-17 in Los Angeles.

: The Browns win two games out of every three games to complete an 8-4 season which was good enough for 1st Place in the American Conference to earn a third straight trip to the NFL Championship Game. However, the Browns would lose 17-7 to the Detroit Lions in front of a disappointed crowd of 50,934 at Municipal Stadium.

: Led by NFL MVP Quarterback Otto Graham the Browns waltz through the first 11 games of the season undefeated, in the process of claiming their fourth straight Conference Title. The Browns would go to Philadelphia for a chance to end the season undefeated. However, the Eagles would end the Browns winning streak with a 42-27 victory. However the most painful loss of the season came two weeks later as the Browns lost their third straight NFL Championship game with a 17-16 nail bitter against the Lions in Detroit.

: The Browns get off to a shaky start losing two of their first three games. However, the Browns would then go on to win eight straight on their way to a 9-3 season which was good enough for a fifth straight trip to the NFL Championship. In the Championship Game a Day after Christmas the Browns were matched up with the Lions for the third year in a row. However, the Browns would put all their frustrations of the previous two years into a 56-10 rout at Municipal Stadium.

: The Browns finish with a 9-2-1 record good enough for first place in the Eastern Conference yet again. This marked the tenth time the Browns earned a trip to their league's championship game in the Browns ten year existence. Once again the Browns are lead by Quarterback Otto Graham who wins his second MVP in three years in what would turn out to be his final season. Graham would go on to lead the Browns to their third NFL Championship with a 38-14 win over the Rams before 87,695 fans in Los Angeles.

: After ten consecutive championship game appearances in the AAFC or the NFL, the Browns experience their first losing season with a fourth place finish with a record of 5-7.

: The Browns select Syracuse Fullback Jim Brown in the first round of the NFL Draft. Brown would go on to capture both the NFL Rookie of the Year, and MVP as the Browns shot back up to the top of the Eastern Conference. After a one-year absence the Browns return to the NFL championship game after completing a 9-2-1 season. However, the Browns would never even be in the Championship game losing 59-14 to the Lions in Detroit. 

: Led by Jim Brown who rushed for 1,527 yards the Browns rise to the top of the Eastern Conference again. They enter the final game of the season against the Giants with a record of 9-2. If the Browns win the game they advance to the NFL championship if they lose they have to face the Giants a week later in a Divisional Playoff Game. Not only would the Browns lose the final regular season game but they would also lose the Playoff game to the Giants as the Giants Defense shuts down Jim Brown holding the Browns to ten points in the regular season finale, and pitching a shutout in Playoffs.

: The Browns would get off to another strong start winning six of their first eight games. However, consecutive 21-20 losses at home to the Pittsburgh Steelers and San Francisco 49ers ended their playoff hopes. After being blown out by the New York Giants 48-7 the Browns would finish the season with a road win over the Philadelphia Eagles to finish in second place with a 7-5 record.

: The Browns complete an 8-3-1 season as Jim Brown rushes for 1,257 yards, his 3rd consecutive 1,000 yard season. However, it was only good enough for 2nd place as the Browns finish a game and a half out of first place.

: Art Modell purchases the Cleveland Browns for the then unheard of sum of $4 million. Under new ownership the Browns would continue to fall short of the playoff finishing in third place with a record of 8-5-1.

: In a stunning move the Browns trade Bobby Mitchell to the Washington Redskins for the number one overall Draft Pick, which they use on Heisman Trophy winning Running Back from Syracuse Ernie Davis. However, Davis will never play a down as a preseason physical revealed that he had Leukemia that would kill him within a year, which served as  double blow after the death of promising young Defensive Back Don Fleming. With the tragic stories hanging around the Browns all season the team struggles to a 7-6-1 season. After the season Paul Brown the man who which the franchise is named after was fired and replaced by Assistant Blanton Collier.

: With Jim Brown rushing for 1,863 yards the Browns finish 10-4 in their first season with Blanton Collier at the helm. However, the Browns would finish one game out of the first place in the Eastern Conference.

: With Jim Brown having another dominate season, the Browns get off to an 8-1-1 start. However, two losses in the three games put their NFL Championship hopes in doubt. To win the Eastern Conference the Browns needed a win New York over the Giants, a place they have had their troubles with over the years. Luckily for the Browns, the Giants were an aging group of veterans that had struggled all season, and the Browns took full advantage winning 52-20 to advance to the NFL Championship game for the eighth time. In the NFL Championship Game at Municipal Stadium in front of almost 80, 000 fans, the Browns would have no problem at all dispatching the Baltimore Colts. The Browns would end up sewing up their fourth NFL title with a 27-0 win.

: With NFL MVP Jim Brown leading the way once again with 17 Touchdowns and 1,544 yards rushing the Browns finish 11-3, and win the eastern Conference by a full four games. However, the Brown quest for back-to-back NFL Championships would hit a wall in the Championship Game. The Browns would lose a 23-12 heartbreaker to the Packers in Green Bay.

: Jim Brown who dominated pro football like no other player since 1957 stuns the Browns, and all of Pro-football, by announcing from the set of "The Dirty Dozen" his retirement at the age of 30, to pursue an acting career. With the sudden departure of Brown, Cleveland was forced to rely on Leroy Kelly top carry the running load. Kelly did a more than adequate job by rushing for 1,141 yards, as the Browns finished in second place with a 9-5 record.

: The Browns get off to a rough start by losing their first two games. However, the Browns would recover nicely to finish with a 9-5 record, which was good enough to earn the Century Division title. However in the Divisional Playoffs the Browns would be blown out by the Cowboys 52-14 in Dallas to advance to the NFL Championship.

: The Browns stumble out of the gate losing three of their first five games. Fortunately, the Browns were able to recover winning their next eight games to finish with a 10-4 record, which was good enough to capture their second consecutive Century Division Title. In the Divisional Playoffs the Browns would get a measure of revenge by beating the Cowboys 31-20 in front of 81,497 fans at Municipal Stadium. However, one week later the Browns would lay an egg in the NFL Championship at Municipal Stadium as the Baltimore Colts blanked the Browns 34-0 to advance to Super Bowl III.

: The Browns cruise to their third consecutive Century Division Title with a 10-3-1 record. In the Divisional Playoffs the Browns face the Cowboys for the third year in a row, and take the rubber match up in Dallas 38-14. However, the Browns would be shut down again in the NFL Championship game losing 27-7 to the Vikings in Minnesota.

: The Browns are one of three NFL teams shifted to the AFC as the NFL fully takes over the AFL in the process evening both conferences at 13 teams apiece. The Browns play host to history on September 21st as 85,703 fans witness the first ever Monday Night Football game at Municipal Stadium as Browns defeated the New York Jets 31-21. Three weeks later the Browns won another key first game by winning their first match-up with Paul Brown's Cincinnati Bengals 30-27, giving the Browns a 3-1 start. However, the Browns would go into a tailspin losing four of the next five including a rematch with Bengals in Cincinnati. The Browns would go on to finish with a mediocre 7-7 record one game behind the Bengals for first place in the AFC Central.

: The Browns get off to another good start at 4-1 only to stumble again losing four straight to fall to 4-5. However, the Browns would rebound to win the final four games of the season to finish 9-5, and win a weak AFC Central Division. In the playoffs the Browns would fall in the first round 200-3 to the Baltimore Colts at Municipal Stadium.

: After a 2-3 start the Browns run off a six game winning streak to climb in to the heart of the AFC Central race. However, the Browns chances of winning the division ended with a 30-0 loss to the Steelers in Pittsburgh.  However, trey Browns would recover to win their final 2 games to finish 10-4, and claim the AFC Wild Card. In the Divisional Playoffs in Miami the Browns take a 14-10 lead into the 4th quarter, but the Dolphins would roar back to win 24-10 to advance to the AFC Championship game on their way to an undefeated season.

: After their solid season, which included a playoff appearance the Browns got off to a solid start, winning three of their first four games on the way to a 7-3-1 start. However, the Browns would not win another game the rest of the season and settled for third place with a 7-5-2 record.

: The Browns who have know nothing but success for their first 28 season suffer through their first ten loss season finishing at the bottom of the AFC Central with a 4-10 record.

: The Browns trip out of the gate with new coach Forrest Gregg at the helm, losing their first nine games of the season. The Browns would finally get their first win of the season by beating their in-state rival Cincinnati Bengals 35-23. The Browns would go on to finish with a woeful 3-11 record.

: After a 1-3 start the Browns win seven of their next eight games, and find themselves right in the playoff hunt. However, a 39-14 loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City in the final game of the season ended the Browns season at 9-5.

: After a 6-4 start, the Browns lose their final four games of the season, to finish with a disappointing 6-8 record. Prior to the final game of the season Head Coach Forrest Gregg is dismissed, and replaced by Dick Modzelewski.

: With new Coach Sam Rutigliano at the helm the Browns get off to a fast start winning their first three games of the season. However, the Browns would manage to only finish with a mediocre 8-8 record.

: Led by Mike Pruitt who rushes for 1,294 yards, and Brian Sipe who passes for 3,793 yards the Browns get off to a 7-3 start. However the Browns would lose four of their final six games to finish at 9-7, and fail to miss the playoffs.

: After a 2-3 start the Browns go on an incredible winning streak in which the Browns came from behind to win in the 4th Quarter four weeks in a row, earning the Browns the nickname "Kardiac Kids". After a close loss to the Steelers, and blow out win over the Bengals the Browns would once again pull out late wins with Field Goals. However, the Browns get a taste of their own medicine in Week 15 as the Vikings stunned the Browns with a Hail Mary Touchdown in the final seconds. However, the Kardiac Kids would bounce back in the final game of the season with a 27-24 nail bitter over the Bengals to claim the AFC Central with an 11-5 record, as Quarterback Brian Sipe claimed the NFL MVP. In the Playoffs against the Oakland Raiders the Browns found themselves in the middle of another tight game. However, the Browns could not find any late magic losing 14-12 to the eventual Super Bowl Champions at Municipal Stadium. 

: The Browns are unable to repeat the magic of the year before finishing with a disappointing 5-11 record, which included losses in seven of their final eight games.

: The Browns are among eight teams that qualify for the playoffs despite finishing with a mediocre record of 4-5 in a strike-shortened season. The Browns would go on to lose 27-10 to the Raiders in the first round, at Los Angeles. 

: The Browns continue to play mediocre football falling one game short of the division title with a record of 9-7.

: After a woeful 1-7 start, the Browns replace Coach Sam Rutigliano with Defensive Coordinator Marty Schottenheimer. The Browns would go on to finish with a disappointing 5-11 record.

: After a 4-6-start rookie Quarterback Bernie Kosar takes over reins of the offense, and leads the Browns to an 8-8 record, which was good enough to finish in first place in a weak AFC Central. Also leading the Browns Offense was Ernest Byner, and Kevin Mack who each rushed for 1,000 yards, becoming just the third pair of teammates to rush for 1,000 yards in the same season. In the playoffs the Browns would get off to a 21-3 halftime lead in Miami. However, Dan Marino would lead the Dolphins to a 24-21-comeback win to advance to the AFC Championship Game.

: With Quarterback Bernie Kosar leading the way with 3,854 yards passing the Browns win a team record 12 games on the way to capturing the AFC Central with a 12-4 record. In the Division Playoffs the Browns find themselves down by ten points to the New York Jets at Municipal Stadium. However, with four minutes left the Browns begin an amazing comeback benefiting from penalties against the Jets to tie the game and send it to Overtime. The game would go to a second Overtime becoming the second longest game in NFL history before Matt Bahr kicked the winning Field to send the Browns on to the AFC Championship. In the AFC Championship Game at Municipal Stadium, the Browns reverse a 13-10 defect into a 20-13 lead with two minutes left, as the Browns are poised to make a trip to their first Super Bowl. However, Broncos Quarterback John Elway leads Denver to a 91-yard game tying Touchdown drive in the final minute. The Broncos would go on to win 23-20 in Overtime to advance on to Super Bowl XXI.

: Led by another 3,000-yard passing season by Bernie Kosar, the Browns captured their third straight AFC Central crown, as they finished the season 10-5. In the Divisional Playoffs against the Indianapolis Colts at Municipal Stadium, the Browns have no problem advancing to their second straight AFC Championship Game as they rout the Colts 38-21. For the second year in a row the Browns are matched up against the Broncos for a trip to the Super Bowl. The Browns would fall behind early at Mile Stadium, as the Broncos roared out to a big halftime lead. However, the Browns would roar back scoring 30 points in the second half, and driving for the winning Touchdown in the final two minutes. However, the Browns dreams would come up just a few yards short as Running Back Earnest Byner fumbles at the goal line as the Browns fall 38-33.

: The Browns suffer through a rash of injuries to their Quarterbacks leading to four different starters during the season. However, the team proved most reliant and scratched and clawed their way to a 9-6 record going into the final game of the season against the Houston Oilers. The Browns would overcome a 16-point 3rd Quarter defect to claim a 28-23 win, and finish with a 10-6 record, good enough to a host the Wild Card game against the same Oilers six days later. However, this time there would be no comeback as the Oilers claimed a 24-23 win at Municipal Stadium. Shortly after the season Head Coach Marty Schottenheimer resigned to take a lucrative pay raise to coach the Kansas City Chiefs.

: With new Coach Bud Carson at the helm the Browns get off to a 7-3 start before hosting the Schottenheimer lead Chiefs. The much-hyped game would end in a 10-10 deadlock that would be the start of four straight non-winning games for the Browns. However the Browns would recover to win their final two games to finish with a 9-6-1 record that was good enough to claim the AFC Central Division Title. In the Divisional Playoffs the Browns would beat the Buffalo Bills in a wild 34-30 game at Municipal Stadium to advance to the AFC Championship Game for the third time in four years. Once again the Browns were matched up with Broncos, but this time it was not close as the Broncos advanced to Super Bowl XXIV with 37-21 win in Denver.

: The Browns stumble out of the gate getting off to a woeful 2-7 start before Coach Bud Carson was fired, and replaced by Jim Shofner. The move would not help, as the Browns would continue to struggle finishing with a pathetic 3-13 record.

: Under new Coach Bill Belichick the Browns are not much better managing only a 6-10 record, while finishing in third place in the AFC Central.

: The Browns continue to play mediocre football as they finish in third place for the second straight season with a record of 7-9.

: The Browns get off to a 5-2 start despite an under lying Quarterback Controversy. Prior to the start of the season the Browns signed Free Agent Quarterback Vinny Testaverde. Originally Testaverde was supposed to back-up his former University of Miami teammate Bernie Kosar. However, when Testaverde performed better when given the opportunity to play some felt there should be a change at the Quarterback position. However, the Browns would go beyond that by unceremoniously releasing Kosar in the middle of the season. The Browns would go on to lose their next four games and seven of their last nine games to finish with a 7-9 record.

: The Browns put together a solid 11-5 season to claim their first playoff berth in five years. In the Wild Card Game against the New England Patriots a sold out crown at Municipal Stadium witnessed Head Coach Bill Belichick facing his mentor Bill Parcells. In the game the Pupil would come out the victor as the Browns claimed a 20-13 victory. The Browns would advance on to the Divisional Playoffs against the Steelers. The game would not even be close as the Steelers beat the Browns for the third time 29-9 to advance to the AFC Championship Game in Pittsburgh. 

: The unthinkable happens to the Browns fans and the city of Cleveland as owner Art Modell announces he is moving the team to Baltimore. Modell had grown envious of Cleveland's other 2 teams getting new buildings, and new stadiums being built throughout the NFL. Modell wanted a new stadium with luxury boxes to help make up for money he lost in non-football investments. To him the Browns were not making enough money in Cleveland despite selling out every game for the last 20 years.  The announcement would create a cloud over the season as the Browns lost their first 6 games after the announcement. The Browns would manage to win the final game at Municipal Stadium over the Bengals 26-10, before finishing the season with a 5-11 record.

: Immediately after Art Modell announced his move, the city of Cleveland began to fight him and the NFL in an attempt to keep the Browns in Cleveland. The NFL had taken up battles with owners who were attempting to relocate before, only to come up the loser in court. However, the NFL wanted the Browns to remain in Cleveland, and eventually get a new stadium. It was then that a unique compromise was made. Art Modell would be allowed to move the team to Baltimore, but he would not be allowed to take the Browns history with him. The deal also stipulated that Cleveland would get a new NFL franchise in 1999 that would take up the history of the Browns. While Modell's team that was renamed the Ravens would be regarded as a new team. 

: While work on the new Cleveland Browns Stadium was completed, the foundation for the front office was being pit together. After Al Lerner won a bidding war for ownership of the Browns for $750 million, work began on the front office. To run the team Learner decided to raid the San Francisco 49ers who had been one of the most successful teams in all of sports over the last 16 years. Learner would name hire both Carmen Policy, and Dwight Clark away to serve as the Browns president and vice president. 

: After a three year absence the NFL returned to Cleveland on September 12th for a primetime season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the 73,138 fans at the new state of the art Cleveland Browns Stadium went home disappointed as the Steelers slaughtered the Browns 43-0. The Browns would go on to lose the first seven games, and were in danger of falling to 0-8 in the closing seconds of a game against the Saints in New Orleans. With three seconds left the Browns trailed 16-14, and need a miracle to score from midfield. Too far to try a field goal, the only hope was to throw up it and hope for a miracle. A miracle is exactly what would happen as Wide Receiver Kevin Johnson caught Tim Couch's Hail Mary pass to give the Browns a stunning 21-16 victory. The Browns would get another stunning victory two weeks later when they avenged their opening week loss to the Steelers with a 16-15 in Pittsburgh. However that would be the Browns final win of the year, as they finished with a franchise worst 2-14 record, while going 0-8 at home.

: The new Browns capture their first win at Cleveland Browns Stadium with 23-20 win over the Steelers on September 17th. The win got the Browns off to a 2-1 start, and the team looked as if things may be going in the right direction. However, the Browns would manage to win only one more game on their way to an awful 3-13 record. After the season Head Coach Chris Palmer was fired after a disappointing 5-27 record in his two year tenure.

: Under new Coach Butch Davis the Browns were the surprise of the NFL through the first six weeks, holding a 4-2 record. However the Browns would come back to earth with a heartbreaking loss in Chicago against the Bears, and a loss to the Steelers at home in which the Browns defense did not allow a Touchdown. However the Browns would bounce back and would beat the Ravens in Baltimore to complete a sweep of Art Modell's team. The Browns would beat the Cincinnati Bengals a week later and stood at 6-4 heading into December. However the youth of the Browns would go no further they would only win one of their last six games to finish with a 7-9 record. However, the season gave fans reason to hope for the future.

: The Browns season got off to an odd start as they lost at home to the Kansas City Chiefs at home 40-39 after Dwayne Rudd threw his helmet in celebration for what he thought was a game ending tackle. Instead a penalty was thrown on Rudd giving the Chiefs the opportunity to kick a game winning field goal with nothing on the clock. The Browns would recover to win the next two games but struggled over the next month losing three straight games as Quarterback Tim Couch returned from a preseason injury. After the Browns beat the expansion Houston Texans 34-17 the Browns were hit by tragedy s Owner Al Lerner succumbed to cancer on October 24th. Three days after Lerner's passing the Browns made a stirring 4th Quarter comeback to beat the New York Jets on the road 24-21, to improve to 4-4. After a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers the Browns would win four of six games and entered the final week of the season with a record of 8-7 and a shot to make the playoffs with a win at home over the Atlanta Falcons. However, things seemed bleak early when Tim Couch broke his right leg in the first half, but back up Kelly Holcomb would lead the Browns to two Touchdowns as the Browns beat the Falcons 24-16. With a 9-7 record the Browns would qualify for the playoffs for the first time since returning to the NFL in 1999. In the playoffs on the road against the Pittsburgh Steelers the Browns would hold a 33-21 lead with five minutes left as backup Quarterback Kelly Holcomb had a career day with 429 yards passing. However, the Browns defense would suffer a letdown allowing the Steelers to score 15 points to take a 36-33 lead in the final minute. Holcomb would not go down without a fight driving ten Browns down the field. However, Andre King could not get out of bounds fast enough after catching a pass at the Steelers 29 as time ran out on the Browns season. 

: Coming off their first playoff appearance since their resurrection the Browns were embroiled in a major Quarterback controversy between Tim Couch and Kelly Holcomb. Holcomb would win the job at the start of the season. However early on he would struggle as the Browns dropped their first two games, faced with a 0-3 start the Browns trailed the San Francisco 49ers 12-0 midway through the 4th Quarter. Holcomb would lead the Browns on two long scoring drives to give the Browns a thrilling 13-12 win. However during the comeback Holcomb was injured which trusted Couch back into the starting lineup. With Couch in as starter the Browns won two of their next three games, but in his 4fourh start he would struggle badly and was replaced in the middle of the game by Holcomb, as the Browns lost to the winless San Diego Chargers at home 26-20. The Browns inconsistency at Quarterback would continue throughout the season with Holcomb going in and out with injuries while Tim Couch struggled and lost favors with the fans and management. The running game also struggled as William Green struggled with off the field demons and had a disappointing season with 559 yards rushing. It would all prove too much to overcome as the Browns finished in last place with a disappointing 5-11 record. Following the season the Browns would end their Quarterback controversy by cutting Tim Couch and signing Free Agent Jeff Garcia from the 49ers, while Kelly Holcomb stayed on as the backup.

: With the addition of Quarterback Jeff Garcia and the selection of Kellen Winslow II in the NFL draft there was an air of excitement surrounding the Browns at the start of the season, with many forecasting K2 as he was called the son of a NFL Hall of Famer the next big thing at Tight End. The Browns would start the season on a strong note beating the Baltimore Ravens 20-3. However, in Week 2 the Browns season began to crumble as a series of injuries, including a season ending injury to Winslow during a 19-12 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, would leave the Browns limping the rest of the season. Despite the injuries the Browns played solid football for the first half of the season holding a 3-3 loss before a heartbreaking 34-31 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in overtime. The loss would begin a losing streak which would not end until the final game of the season. Along the way Coach Butch Davis would resign following a tantalizing 58-48 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 12. As the season wound down the Browns led by interim Coach Terry Robiske would begin assessing the future trying out third string Quarterback Luke McNown as they finished with a terrible 4-12 record. Following the season the Browns would hire Romeo Crennel off the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots to lead the team in the future while making a major roster shake up and focusing toward the future. 

: As the season began for the Browns the focus was on the future as new Coach Romeo Crennel hoped to start laying the foundation of the future. Part of that future Kellen Winslow II was on the sidelines after suffering a devastating knee injury in an off-season knee injury. Another part of that future Quarterback Charlie Frye also began the season on the sidelines learning while veteran Trent Dilfer tried to make the Browns at the very least competitive. In the early going they were competitive as they split their first four games as RB Reuben Droughns acquired from the Denver Broncos in the off-season quickly established himself as the Browns go to back with a solid 1,232 yard season. However there were still plenty of growing pains as the Browns only managed to win two of their next five games as Dilfer struggled, leading the Browns to allow Charlie Frye a chance on the field. With Frye under center the Browns would not fair much better as they ended up finishing in last place with a 6-10 record, but Frye passed for 1,000 yards with four Touchdowns in five starts.

: reach respectability, coming off a 6-10 season. Things did not start well for the Browns as they dropped their first three games culminating with a heartbreaking 15-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on a 52-yard Field Goal by Matt Stover with 20 seconds left, after the Browns started the 4th Quarter with a 14-3 win. Looking 0-4 in the face, the Browns rallied from a 21-3 deficit led by Quarterback Charlie Frye's three touchdown passes to beat the Oakland Raiders on the road 24-21. After two straight losses the Browns earned their first home winning by capitalizing on three big turnovers to beat the New York Jets 20-13. After a hard fought 32-25 loss to the San Diego Chargers the Browns, stunned the Atlanta Falcons on the road 17-13 shutting down Quarterback Michael Vick. After back to back losses to division rivals the Browns rallied behind back up QB Derek Anderson who led two fourth quarter scoring drives to force overtime where the beat the Kansas City Chiefs 31-28. Anderson would get a chance to start the next three games, but would not have the same magic as the Browns closed the season with four straight losses to finish the season with a 4-12 record. In a year of not many positives play of second year Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards, and Tight End Kellen Winslow II, who finally was healthy, gave the Browns to reliable young receivers to build their future on. A future that could hinge on Quarterback Brady Quinn who the Browns drafted 22nd overall after trading up with the Dallas Cowboys, along with Quinn the Browns landed Joe Thomas with the third overall pick.

: Heading into the season not much was expected from the Browns, whose fans were eagerly awaiting the debut of Quarterback Brady Quinn, who was drafted with the 22nd overall pick. After taking it on the chin in the opener 34-7 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Quinn moved up the depth chart as starter Charlie Frye was traded to the Seattle Seahawks. However, in Week 2 Derek Anderson proved worthy of a least a chance to lead the Browns as he threw five touchdown passes and passed for 328 yards in a 51-45 shootout win over the Cincinnati Bengals. After a heartbreaking loss on the road to the Oakland Raiders, Anderson again excelled throwing two Touchdown passes in a 27-13 win over the Baltimore Ravens. Anderson would play well again over the next two weeks as the Browns lost to the unbeaten New England Patriots and beat the winless Miami Dolphins. After the bye week Anderson continued to put up Pro Bowl numbers passing for 248 yards with three touchdown passes as the Browns finally won on the road, beating the St. Louis Rams 27-20. A week later it was Jamal Lewis who was the hero scoring four touchdowns, while Derek Anderson racked up 364 passing yards to lead the Browns to a 33-30 upset win over the Seattle Seahawks in overtime. With first place on the line the Browns faced the Steelers again, and this time put up a fight as they held a 28-24 lead in the fourth quarter, behind three touchdown passes from Derek Anderson, However, the Steelers led by Ben Roethlisberger would end up winning the game 31-28. On the road against the Baltimore Ravens, the Browns appeared to be heading for another win as they led 27-14 entering the fourth quarter led by a thrilling 100-yard interception return by Brodney Pool. However, the Ravens would come charging back scoring 15 points in the fourth quarter, and taking a lead on a 47-yard Field Goal by Matt Stover with 31 seconds left. The Browns would not go down quietly as Anderson hit Braylon Edwards on 18-yard pass to set Phil Dawson up for a long field goal attempt. Dawson's kick was right on target but ruled no good as it seemed to hit the cross bar and bounce out. However, on closer examination the kick had hit the goal support meaning it was good, as the Ravens celebrated, and the Browns began walking off the field dejected. The officials began to huddle and reversed the call giving the Browns new life as the game went to overtime tied 30-30. In overtime the Browns quickly marched down the field, and set Dawson up for a 33-yard game winning Field Goal. At 6-4 the Browns were right in the middle of the playoff picture, as Derek Anderson continued to put up tremendous numbers in a 27-17 win over the Houston Texans. However, there were still some bumps in the road, and a 27-21 loss on the road to the Arizona Cardinals demonstrated that the Browns were still an imperfect team. On a sloppy night at the Meadowlands the Browns were able to hold off the New York Jets 24-18, as Joe Jurevicius recovered two on-side kicks. Bad weather followed them right to Cleveland, as they beat the Buffalo Bills 8-0 in the snow. Controlling their own destiny the Browns suffered a costly set back in the next to last game of the regular season, as Anderson was picked off four times, as the Browns lost to the Bengals in Cincinnati 19-14. That loss would end up costing the Browns a playoff spot as they missed the playoffs despite beating the San Francisco 49ers 20-7 to finish the year with a record of 10-6.

: After posting a 10-6 record the Browns entered the season with playoff aspirations. However, after starting the season with three straight losses the Browns found themselves in a hole before September was over, as Quarterback Derek Anderson coming off a season in which he made the pro bowl played poorly. The Browns would finally get on track with a 20-12 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on the road. After a bye week the Browns looked to be hitting their stride as Anderson passed for 310 with two Touchdown passes in a 35-14 win over the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. The win was the first Monday Night win for the Browns since 1993. However, a week later Anderson and the Browns took a step backwards as they were beaten by the Washington Redskins on the road 14-11. The Browns would rebound to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 23-17, but after a 37-27 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Browns sat at 3-5 at the season's midpoint. With Brady Quinn getting his first start against the Denver Broncos, the Browns continued to stumble losing 34-30 in a Thursday Night game in Cleveland. Quinn would lead the Browns to a 29-27 win over the Buffalo Bills on the road a week later. However, it would be the only win for Quinn as he suffered a season ending foot injury a week later in a 16-6 loss to the Houston Texans. The loss to the Texans would be the start of a season ending six game losing streak that saw the Browns use three different Quarterbacks as they finished in last place with a disappointing 4-12 record. The season would cost Coach Romeo Crennel his job as he is replaced by Eric Mangini following the season.


Paul Brown 1946-1962
Blanton Collier 1963-1970
Nick Skorich 1971-1974
Forrest Gregg  1975-1977
Dick Modzelewski 1977   
Sam Rutigliano 1978-1984
Marty Schottenheimer 1984-1988
Bud Carson 1989-1990
Jim Shofner 1990
Bill Belichick 1991-1995
Chris Palmer 1999-2000       
Butch Davis 2001-2004
Terry Robiskie 2004
Romeo Crennel 2005-2008
Eric Mangini 2009-Present

 Hall of Famers:

Doug Atkins DE 1953-1954
Jim Brown FB 1957-1965
Paul Brown Coach 1946-1962
Willie Davis DE 1958-1959
Len Dawson QB 1960-1961
Joe DeLamielleure G 1980-1984

Len Ford DE 1950-1957
Frank Gatski C 1946-1956
Otto Graham QB 1946-1955
Lou Groza T/PK 1946-59, 61-67
Gene Hickerson G 1958-1973
Henry Jordan DT 1957-1958
Leroy Kelly RB 1964-1973
Dante Lavelli End 1946-1956
Mike McCormick T 1954-1962
Tommy McDonald WR 1968
Bobby Mitchell WR 1958-1961

Marion Motley FB 1946-1953
Ozzie Newsome TE 1978-1990
Paul Warfield WR 1964-69, 76-77
Bill Willis Guard 1946-1953

 Retired Numbers:

14 Otto Graham QB 1946-1955
32 Jim Brown FB 1957-1965
45 Ernie Davis RB 1962 Draft Pick
46 Don Fleming DB 1960-1962
76 Lou Groza T/PK 1946-59, 61-67 

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